Home Depot Holiday Combo Kit Offer is a promotion that allows a customer to buy a qualifying tool and add any additional qualifying item to save up to $150.

Home Depot


  • Extensive Market Research
  • Sketching
  • Wireframes: Low-fidelity & High-fidelity
  • Prototyping
  • Comparative & Competitive Analysis
  • Usability Testing
My Role
My role for this project included; project management, comparative research, brand analysis, wireframes: low-fidelity & high-fidelity, market research, prototyping within staging environment, approval of product photography, and new functionality development within Home Depot CMS.

Desktop Landing Page

Outlines the details of the offer as well as which item qualifying for which discount. Giving the offer it’s own landing page helped the customers know which brands as well as which model within the brand qualify for the offer.

Combo Kit Comp

Refinements were made from the mock up after monitoring two weeks of statistics on the page and how users were interacting with the content. Adding a red banner under the hero to keep within the holiday theme as well as instruct further to the customer in a equation sense how the offer is to be completed to get the discount.

Secondly, the bottom banner that gives the customer the ability to view all Additional Items was removed to allow the customer to only focus on the qualifying combo kits in the offer. Also, with the removal of the bottom banner allowed us to display more of the legalese of the offer in an open accordion state and out of the hero. Conversion rates increased after both changes were implemented.

Combo Kit PLP comp Combo Kit PLP


Product Listing Page

Once a customer selects the product they are interested in they are taken to a Product List page. The top item showcases the item they expressed interest as well as the additional items that qualify for the discount. The customer may chose to go back to the landing page, go to the Product Information page or browse additional offer items.


Product Information Page

On the Product Informaton page prompts a banner to remind or inform the customer this item qualifies for the Holiday Combo Kit Offer. The page will display popular relatable items that will be qualifying additonal item the customer needs to add to cart as well to complete the offer to receive their discount. Also, the banner will serve as a destination link to bring the customer to the Product List page where they can browse the additonal add on products.


Banners were placed on several Tools and Hardware Category and Product List Pages. It informed customers of the offer as was as serve as a destination link to the category page of the offer to learn more as was as browse the qualifying Combo Kits.

Mobile Experience

Has the landing page to displays the offer as well and only the qualifying items within their  qualifying discount. They will be taken to a Product Information page to add the product to cart and a banner will serve as the destination link to the additonal qualifying items they need to select in order to complete the offer. The customer is given the ability to shop by brand or item for their additional qualifying item.

Mobile Combo Kit Offer

Project Stats


Percent increase in desktop checkout conversions


Percent increase in mobile checkout conversions


Basis points increase throughout experience