Enter Into A World Of Fun

Ice Grip Displays 0:42

J.Grant & Co. Ice Grip® non-slip material is designed specifically to address jewelry slippage without the use of hooks, clips or elastic. Ice Grip® allows for instant jewelry positioning without fasteners. Effortless removal for sales presentations: Faster set-up, Faster take-down.

The Breakaway Tray 1:00

J.Grant & Co. The Breakaway Tray® modular design allows you to choose how to use the cubes. One Breakaway Tray® does the work of eight, that’s right eight trays! The modular design allows you to remove or add cubes as rings are sold or replaced.

IBMC Apparel 0:30

IBMC Apparel was a project used for marketing material about what IBMC Apparel was about. In essence the clothing is about Ivan Brooks love for music represented through fashion.